How to use a logbook loan as a speedy route to fast cash?

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In comparison with traditional bank loans and other personal loans, a logbook loan has become a speedy route to fast cash in times of financial emergencies. This kind of a loan is considered as a sub-prime contract which is secured on the vehicle owned by the borrower. The person taking out the loan transfers ownership of his or her vehicle to the logbook loan provider. The borrower gets to keep the vehicle while the loan is being repaid but the V5C or the logbook registration document is kept with the lender as the lien to the loan transaction.

As a result of being a speedy route to obtaining fast cash in times of need, the logbook loan has become a popular lending policy for the borrowers over the past few years. In the tough economic conditions of the market and the prevailing recession, borrowers find it difficult to get an approval for their loan applications. Financial companies and banking institutions have limited the regulations and rules towards giving approval for personal loans. Hence, the borrowers face a big problem when they need urgent cash in bad times.

Logbook Loan is the Answer for Fast Cash in times of need

The borrowers who face big problems getting their loan applications approved, find solace in approaching the logbook loan providers as it is a simple lending contract with just the vehicle of the borrower kept as collateral. The V5C or the logbook or the registration document is submitted to the lenders to be kept as the lien for the loan agreement. There is no need to mortgage anything against this kind of a loan. This logbook documentation proves the authorization of the owner of the said vehicle.

A logbook loan offers cash amounts ranging from fifty GBP to fifty thousand GBP and users consider it as a speedy way to secure sizeable amounts. The cash amount of the loan offered by the lender is secured against the vehicle owned by the borrower. The V5 logbook document has to be signed over to the company loaning the amount. In case of default, the vehicle will be seized by the lender. The amount expended to the borrower is generally more than half the current market worth of the vehicle being secured.

There are many companies offering logbook loans in the United Kingdom. All that the borrowers need to do is to log into the websites of these providers. There is an application form available online from to help them arrive at their instalments towards repayment of the loan. This application form requires relevant information concerning the name, address, contact details and email address of the borrower.

Once the online application process is completed, the logbook loan provider will contact the borrower. This is for submission of the logbook document and the finalization of the loan instalments. As soon as the approval is given, the money will be transferred directly into the borrower’s designated bank account.

Criteria to be met when applying for a Logbook Loan

  • The applicant has to be over eighteen years of age.
  • The car or vehicle being pledged should not be more than ten years old unless it is a classic or a vintage item that is of very high value.
  • The applicant has to be a permanent citizen and a resident of the United Kingdom.

When these criteria are fulfilled, the borrowers can expect to have their loan application approved quite easily.

Benefits offered to Borrowers by the Logbook Loans

  • The borrowers need not maintain good credit rating in order to get the approval of a log book loan.
  • The borrower need not mortgage his or her vehicle against a logbook loan.
  • The borrowers can continue to use the pledged vehicle until the loan instalments are being regularly paid.

Benefits of Payday Loans in the UK

It is important that you understand the process of loaning and what are its benefits that you can experience. Knowing that payday loans in the UK are a quick form of cash can be used depending on your needs. If you have little to no knowledge regarding how payday loans would work, it is best that you continue to read this article.

Financial crisis

Perhaps, you are in a desperate situation in your life, and you wanted to find a fast solution to solve the problem. For instance, you need to pay necessary expenses such as tuition fee for your children that is due on the following week or an emergency case thus you need a down payment at the hospital. These are sets of examples wherein payday loan s in the UK comes in very handy. However, even if this requires quick and advance cash, you still need to decide whether you can repay the money that you have borrowed or would you rather look for other alternative loans that will tailor fit your budget.

This is another type of a short-term loan wherein you only need to get quick cash to cover up expenses that are necessary to be paid immediately. It is better to avoid late payments and bounced checks as this will give you a bad reputation. Therefore, if you borrow money to make sure that you also pay it on time. To further understand the funds that you need, here are the following benefits of a payday loan in the UK .

  • The application is easier- If you wish to apply and be qualified for a payday loan in the UK, all you will need to do is to inquire the requirements if necessary. This depends on the lender company.
  • Secured information- You do not have to worry in terms of applying for a payday loan or cash loan since your information is secured. This kind of information shouldn ’t be disclose to any company or institutions.
  • It is fast- After you have filed up for an application, you will only need to wait few minutes. Some lenders would take an hour to process everything after they have approved you.
  • It is flexible- Remember that you will be repaying this type of loan until your next release of payday. So, make sure that the amount you’d like to borrow is payable according to your salary. Convenience- Rest assured that payday loans in the UK give you the best comfort that you can receive. It offers you the opportunity to loan money at any time of the day. Moreover, it also offers online payday loan, so this means that it is made more convenient for your part to borrow the money that you will need.

In conclusion, payday loans in the UK guarantee sufficiency regarding providing a quick solution to your daily needs. It is very convenient as you don’t have to worry about where to get the money and how you’re going to repay it.

Advantages of Short Term Loans

Applying for a loan requires a big decision making. It is important that you measure the idea of a short-term loan the UK which includes the amount of money that you ‘d like to borrow and its interest rates. In comparison to long-term loans, it requires a lesser amount of money to repay since short term are paid monthly but at a higher rate. Paying a large amount of money is indeed intimidating and stressful. This gives you the idea to look for an alternative way to loan money at a lesser rate. However, it can be a good option for you to choose.

Short term loans UK do have its advantages for your business whether you belong to a small or large scale business. It is important that you under stand how short-term loan works and how this can be applied in cases of emergency or in need. Here are the following advantages that you must understand with this type of business loan.

It serves lesser interest rates- Keep in mind that the longer you < owe money from a lender the bigger interest rate you will have to pay. This adds up if you are not paying on time or before its due date. However, with a short-term loan, it is easier to pay because this only takes less time and interest rate would be impossible to increase. More so, even if the interest rate is higher than the long-term loan, you are still able to find yourself saving cash.

  • The interest rate is lower- Although not all short-term loans do have the same regulation rate such as a lending company charges you a much higher rate due to the absence of a secured asset. When it comes to mortgages, there are as well shorter terms that are payable in a lower interest rate. You will be saving in two different ways this is by the application o f the rate and according to the time of its accrue.
  •  Prediction- Perhaps, you’re wondering if your business would truly last long in the future. This may however be uncertain, but it is always best to have a long-term goal for that matter. This is easier for you to manage so that you are prepared in case there is a need for a short-term loan UK in the coming years.
  •  Stress relieved- Having to owe a certain amount of money for over a long period is indeed stressful. If you are watching your debts increases due to the unpaid amount of rates. So, to relieve and avoid stressful business issues it is best that you pay the amount of money that you have borrowed.
  • Fast money- There are times in which short-term loan may take up a few process before it releases the money. But that doesn’t mean that you can have this as an option. It is still best for you to consider this type of loan to borrow.

Having to apply all these advantages of a short-term loans UK will give you the opportunity to solve any business problems that you encounter.

How Long Do You Need To Pay Back A Loan In UK

Having to loan money from a bank or lender company is something that you desperately need to meet the desired outcome. Whether it is an emergency case or you want to have a property or vehicle, and borrowing money seemed to be the right option. There are certain things that you must follow through, and it is important that you know the extent of borrowing money. This means that asking the lender with regards to the length of paying the loan back is essential. In this way, you can assess how much you need to borrow and the amount of payment.

There are two main types of loaning money in the UK. These are the secured and unsecured type of loan in the UK. In between these two types of loans, it has its corresponding period wherein you can pay the money that you have borrowed. For instance, most of the unsecured loans do come between 1 to 7 tears. However, there are as well loans that offer either shorter or longer periods of repayment.

Long-term period

If you decide to repay an amount that you have borrowed for example buying a house. Most of these require ten years to pay. So, a secured type of loan is provided by the bank or lending company. Keep in mind that if you are unable to pa y the money that you have borrowed, the institution is allowed to sell its security. But you can ’t avail the vehicle unit or the house property. To avoid inconsistency, a series of background assessment is performed to ensure whether you are fit for the loan or not.

If one of your long-term goals is to have a house or a car in five years in time, it is best that you start saving and investment. Another long-term goal is a business endeavor. If you wish to begin a business, keep in mind that you will eventually need to loan money. Before any decision making, know the amount that you’d like to loan for you to be able to start a business.

Short term period

This is another loan venture that you can choose. If don’t want any more worries with regards to a pending loan to be repaid, the use of the short-term loan is your best option. This is one fast finance in the UK that you can achieve through online loaning as well. Other loans that you can avail such as the peer to peer loans t hat can be repaid in a matter of six months. More so, if you plan to loan a large amount of money, considering bridging loan is best fitted for this type of loan.

Loaning in the UK vary from the months or years that you can repay the amount of money that you have borrowed. Therefore, find a lender company that can lead you to the right payable loan and knows exactly the months or years that you need to repay back to avoid future problems.

Different Type Of Loans For You

Having to choose the right loan gives you an opportunity to spend the money according to your need. Borrowing of money is indeed made to fit into your convenience, easier, low risk and manageable. It is important that you can select a kind of loan in the UK that you can as well repay. Decision making is essential if you are considering borrowing money either from a bank or to a lender company. Furthermore, it is best that you gather information for you to know the requirements to comply.

If you have never tried loaning and you want to make sure that you are doing it the right way, here are the following guidelines in choosing the right loan in the UK for you. There are two types of loans which are the secured and unsecured loan.

Secured loan- This is a type of loan that focuses on your major needs in life such as loaning a house, vehicle or property. However, if you can ’t repay the amount of loan that you have borrowed, the lender is allowed to sell the security.

Unsecured loan- Applying for an unsecured loan doesn’t involve any belongings. This only requires the borrower to repay the amount borrowed before its due date.

To choose between the types of loan, most people would take the unsecured loan because it doesn’t in volve any part of your belongings to be at risk. However, if you want a cheaper type of loan, a secured loan is also the best option for that matter. These loans umbrellas the different types of loan that you may want to avail.

Secured loan

Under this type of loan is more likely with restrictions on the amount of money to be used. For example, a bridging loan should be used in buying only for a property. Here are more of the following secured types of loan.

Logbook loan

Bridging loan

Homeowner loan

Vehicle loan and a debt consolidation loan

Unsecured loan


The reason why most people would prefer to avail this type of loan because you use it with anything especially during in times of desperate needs.

Guarantor loan

Personal loan

Peer to peer loan

Bad credits loan and debt consolidation loan


The willingness to borrow and repay the money

As soon as you have decided to loan money in the UK, it is important to weigh your options. You already know the different types of the loan according to your needs. For example, choosing a secured loan would limit you to borrow a higher amount of money. Therefore, it is better to inquire the lender as to how much are they offering for every loan type. In this way, you can decide the type of loan that you’d like to use.

Loan in the UK is easy and very optional as well. Determine and identify the loan that you think can provide your needs whether it is for business, property or emergency situations.